1. Quickly look over the entire exam, noting the different kinds of question and the point values assigned to each of them.
    2. Go through the exam again putting a pencil mark next to those questions you feel you can answer easily, as well as by those on which you think you have a hope of doing well. Answer these questions first, generally devoting more time to questions that are worth more points.
    3. After you have answered the easier questions, look over the remaining (unmarked) questions and mark the ones you want to answer next. Answer those questions, taking into consideration how much time you have left.
    4. When you have finished the second level of questions try answering the questions that you still have not answered.
    5. Leave some time at the end to look over what you have done in order to make corrections and improvements.
    6. If you were to answer every question perfectly you would make 250 points. I am assuming that no one will answer all the questions and that everyone will give some less than fully acceptable answers. Your goal is to make as many points as you can. Your grade will be based on my overall assessment your performance on this exam, together with my evaluation of your "attendance and participation."